About us

The company has been created and is developing rapidly due to passion for creating as well as high competence of a superb team, consisting of people who have bound their professional lives with Lamela for many years.

Our story

We are a family company established in 1986/operating from 1986. Since that time Lamela has grown to the rank of a big and influential enterprise in the plastic industry. Currently the company hires above 300 people and produces above 200 articles distributed on the worldwide markets. The company is situated in Łowicz, in the center of Poland, which is logistically convenient for our clients, and for us. The second sister factory is producing the same range on Ukraine.


We celebrated 30 years of the company existing


We put into operation new production floor with 2200 m2 of space. We consider the successful realization of such a big investment as a significant achievement. Due to this fact, we celebrated 25 years of LAMELA with greater joy and pride than ever before


We celebrated 20 years of the company existing


We received EU subsidies, thanks to that we modernized production floor, purchased new modern injection moulding machines and built computerized high storage warehouse


LAMELA got certificate of Integrated Management System in accordance to The Quality, Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental Policy


The company has begun to operate in Ukraine. Our sister factory was opened. The range of produced articles is similar to LAMELA’s


LAMELA has been certificated by Quality System Management according to PN-EN ISO 9001:1996


We focused on new technologies and created a professional and modern Tool House. The sales were increasing significantly and the employment reached 300 people. We launched a new line of products – garden articles


Developing company required more and more space. As a result we decided for relocation of its headquarters to Łowicz. At the same time, the company speeded up its growth pace even more


We designed and introduced in our offer the bread container. This products became the best-seller and the motor of the development of the company


The company took on a new name LAMELA, connected with polymer materials. This word means a fragment of crystal structure of polymer