Planting a window box

A beautiful balcony is not a coincidence. Flower boxes allow you to create a substitute of your own, real garden. A balcony and a terrace which is  full of flowers is an every plant lover dream . We strongly recommend geraniums, begonias and surfinias. These plants are decorative, easy to grow and not very demanding. Some types of geranium smell like lemon, mint or apples. The only thing is to give them a bit of attention and, as a result, they can create a unique atmosphere on the terrace and the balcony and please the eye until the late autumn. Here are a few simple steps how to design your dream mini garden:

Most balcony plants are planted in a similar way:

  • We choose containers (window boxes, flower pots) and plants
  • At the bottom of the flowerpot,we put 5 to 10-centimeter layer of drainage
  • We pour a layer of fertile soil or subsoil for balcony plants
  • We gently remove the plants from the covers in which they have been grown. We have to be careful not to damage their delicate roots
  • We put the plants in the new containers and add the potting compost. We have to make sure that they are at the same depth as earlier.
  • We water the plants well and put them in a shady place until the roots develop.

Then, we water the plants regularly remembering to add the appropriate fertilizer.