Our primary goal was clear – to show the progress of LAMELA while maintaining its tradition. We wanted to emphasize the real values ​​of the company – to show it as a modern, innovative, ambitious company which at the same time pays a great attention to the quality and designs of its products. On the other hand, we did not intend to give up its roots, which are symbolized by the silhouette of a butterfly and our colouring which has not changed from the beginning of our operation.

We focused on minimalist and timeless solutions. Our new butterfly is a sign-symbol. It is clean and timeless, and most importantly, ready to fly upwards, towards the future, towards progress.

Typography reflects the spirit of Lamela – the letters are minimalistic and universal, but at the same time friendly and characteristic. They express quality, modernity and good,attractive design – qualities that have been describing LAMELA for a long time and that we wanted to bring out.

The new sign is one of the elements of the broadly thought-out and designed Lamela visual identification system. Our team of designers has created a modern, comprehensive and universal graphic language based on a deep analysis of the company’s needs. With such a set of tools, Lamela will be able to speak to its clients not only accurately which is the most important for us but also in a characteristic, consistent and memorable manner.

We are not afraid of changes. They are our everyday reality because that is which continuous progress is. Every day we enhance Lamela in its details. Unfortunately, changing the logo cannot be such a continuous process. It must be a revolution. And it is high time we carried it out./or It is high time for us to carry it out.